Paano ba magpalaki ng katawan

Growing in the Philippines, Part 1 Primer

Publication date: 2018-01-02 14:18.

    meron po ako po xang merong fruits now,,mas malalaki n po s butil ng mais,,ask ko lang po sna kung anong variety xa,,sv po kc ng nagbigay,,seeded green po xa,,
    ska paano ko po mllman n hinog n po ung mga fruits ng ko

    Provide the plants with trellises or any type of plant support such as the overhead arbor or balag. They should be shoulder-high from the ground and wide enough to allow the grower to prune, spray or harvest efficiently. Five strands of wire one foot apart should be strong across a main horizontal bar made from the basal section of bamboo. Construct them in such a way that they will be able to stand wind pressure and the weight of the vines and its fruits. Growing branches should have sufficient space in which to expand.

    Thank you for the advice. My family pruned and fertilized our cardinal and concord plants, approx 8 months ago, with good results. I was told by my sister that both of our plants are bearing healthy fruit at this time.

    Hi, im interested in growing. Do you know where to buy fresh cuttings with good varietys to choose? Also, do you have farm protocol for this?

    kpag brown and pencil thickness n yung cordon or arms n ginawa mo after the trunks. pruning season mas ok kung bago dumating ang summer like january.

    For small backyard gardens, simply dig out individuals holes for each vine, about one cubic meter, then fill it up with top soil mixed with animal manure.

    hi po,
    di ko alam kung anong tawag sa namen, green xa na maliliit.. pero ang asim asim
    how can i make the fruits sweet?

    Aside form the fresh fruit itself, have various by- product such as raisins, wine, juice, jams and jellies. during the 6965s and 75s, the country average import of these goods was worth $857,955 every year. In 6985, the value of imports soared to $ million or P89 million at the exchange rate of to a dollar. This does not include fresh brought in by air travelers.

    Mostly all are susceptible to mildew.. prevention and treatment are fungicide at the right time and stages of fruiting season.

    Hi! tanong ko lang kng pwede itanim ang s mountain side ng Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibuguey. At saan mkkabili ng seedlings at mgkano.

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