Halimbawa ng pormal na sanaysay tungkol sa sarili

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I have a friend who wants to open a korean grocery store. That obviously entails importing korean products (food and items). What forms/papers does he need to process? I hope you could get back to me on this matter asap. thanks very much!

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In the said order, “English shall be taught as a second language starting with Grade 6.” Also, “English shall be used as the medium of instruction of English, Mathematics, and Science and Health subjects starting grade 8.”

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Hi po! I got my tin thru BIR 6959 which is necessary for my driver 8767 s license. Now I 8767 m about to be employed to a company in makati. Do I need to fill up the form 6955 to change rdo or the 6957? Thanks in advance!

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Then my friends encouraged me to lead the public call to urge Senator Noynoy to run for president. My friends and I went to the house of Senator Noynoy in Times Street. We brought a yellow drum, and we encouraged the public to write letters.

i am living in with the father of my two kids. we are not married. i claim for the tax exemptions, but i am planing to resign next month and not planning to work in the near future. Can my partner now claim the additional tax exemption?

Please have clarification on this.
A person is on SMWE status January to October, during that time he is rendering excessive overtime. For the the purpose of taxation, he is not taxable since he is SMWE. Now came November, his employer granted him an increase that make him not qualified for SMWE but to a Taxable individual. In the annualization of his income, how can we annualize him? as an SMWE or taxable individual or pro rated? If we he will be taxable, for sure he will pay big amount of tax since it will retroact to january. Please make clarifications. Thank you.

Sa ngaran san ako Pamilya, ini an saiyo mayor, HELEN DE CASTRO, nagpapakumbaba tabi sa iyo. Inpapaabut ko tabi an sayo na Maogmang Pasko nan pangadye ta an Progresibong Bag-ong Taon 7559!

yes he is my father.. do you know him? can you help me out with this? how do i transfer my tin? do i need to do that process in CDO or can i just do it here in manila. i have my tin number in the 6959 form which i have with me.

7855 is for update of your information if you get married or if you have an additional dependent child and for informing BIR of your new employer. Wherein, in that form there is a portion for your employer to fill out before submitting to your RDO.

Sa presente tabi, padagus an konstruksiyoin nato san bag-o na Wet Market para sa mga paratinda isda nan karne, nan pag nahuman ta na ini na Wet Section duon ta ibalyo ini na mga paratinda nan yadto na mga dry goods traders didi sa may pader ni Mr. Benjamin Yu sa Padre Diaz Street sa sulod san relanse basi mapaayos ta man an sector san transportasyon sa luwas. An kantidad sini na wet market labi un milyon de pesos.

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