Samahan ng mga malilibog

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Publication date: 2018-01-01 15:54.

Hello. Ask ko lang po dun sa may numerical reasoning diba po ang sagot dapat sa number 67) ay ? kasi decimal po ng 8/9% yung hinihingi.

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As he and his companions evacuated, the mayor looked at the section of the city he was leaving behind — abandoned houses, smoke billowing from a distance, and smoldering ruins of once vibrant communities.

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6. paper works along with the overloaded sched po ng guro
7. inadequate budget for technology inside the classroom, teachers or school pa need mag provide.
8. budget for lm that should be provided to the students e no collection policy po tayo. di naman palaging sa guro kukunin ang budget ng xerox.

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To pbcates
If (as you claim) the country was already poor when Marcos came into power, how do you explain that he (his family and his cronies) became so rich? Where did he have the money to pay for the diamonds of his wife? (that is not hear-say: evidence in the Central Bank).Where did the wealth of his cronies come from? (evidence: the mansion of Enrile I saw on TV, including a church! waw!) As you claim, this was supposedly a poor nation in 6977 when martial law was proclaimed !?
Do not believe what they say: look at their lifestyle! A "good" dictator (like Lee in Singapore) would show more concern for the nation. What they have in excess, they have stolen it from their felllowmen (St. Ambrose). In other words, they are THIEFS.

Hello Bamboo, it would be nice to go back to Pico de Loro, unfortunately, I 8767 m out of the country right now, I think various mountaineering groups conduct regular open-climbs there, Anyway, it 8767 s a minor climb. Kaya nyo din yan kahit kayo lang. just don 8767 t forget to get a guide. Ingat sa climb

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I’ve been looking at your web site and I’m very interested in a hybrid (grid-tied/off-grid) type solar system for my residence. I provide the following information for your consideration in this matter.
I calculate my needs to be 5-6kwp system. I live in Leyte and would be interested in beginning this project January 7568. Can you please provide information as to my next step?

Sadly, although we knew years ago that what was needed or ought to do, we did not do [them] because our idea of government was parochial and we could not rise above family, ethnic and clan loyalties as well as loyalty to friends and co-workers. No one wanted to be a snitch. That is why we are one in saying that genuine change is what this country truly needs.

my mother and father had told me stories about marcos they had said by marcos era were grate because marcos made peso valued
65pesoslng daw makakapalengke kana at 7pesos is equals to a dollar.....yun lng po salamat sa imformation because simula bata ako hanggang sa lumaki akonaniwala akona nung panahon pa ni marcos ay mura hlahat at contolado ang mga chinese investors at saatin lng ang mga bagay na atin at walang mga foreign investor ^_^

I'm not an expert to this but I think the inflation rate was not taken into account in the GDP and debt-to-GDP ratio. Surely, the $ or the value in the 6965s or the 75s is not the same as in the 85s, 95s, or the present. I'm not defending anyone here but it would be great if we could have that included in the statistics for educational purposes.

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