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Publication date: 2018-01-28 15:54.

Unfortunately, this was oversimplified and void of any in-depth analysis. I feel sorry for those who are making conclusions from this table/graph.

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population in terms of quality not only numbers. the latter will be a liability to a nation. a nation should be able to provide adequate services/support to its population to keep them among the productive ones. population and gdp are factors of per capita income. this is simple math, increase gdp and control population will lead to a high per capita income.

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Sir, I've been having this debate with my wife ever since we got married (I think it even started before that) with the Marcoses and the Aquinos. She's PRO-Marcos and I'm not ANTI-Marcos, but I do believe that he really messed things up. I just want to thank you for giving me the data to support my claim that Former Pres. FM was the reason for the start of the downfall of our country. LOL

Good stuff sir. Keep it coming.

Which Philippine President Caused the Downfall of the

Kahit na anong sabihin niyo, si macoy pa rin ang pinakamaraming ginawang infra struktura....

Ikaw boom, propaganda ba ito ng mga yellow

Martial Law, is a big drama of Enrile, Ramos and Marcos. to fulfill the power of the government and monopolize all bureau.

Did you guys know who made that survey or data.
we are in their hands...they can control our knowledge easily.

they are afraid of GREAT LEADER that will soon to be threat to their UR UR MIND

To the author, mr. boom: you don't owe any apology to GMA. She may was able to uplift our economic status during her term, but she wasn't sharing. That was the problem. Was the economic growth felt by many? re there many visible development around the country like what we see in the Aquino Administration? None. Why? The fruits of ex comic growth all went to the corrupt officials. GMA was busy herself doing her own corruption that she wasn't able to keep an eye on what her officials were doing.

You miss the most important factor...CORRUPTION !!!
Left-over from the marcos-era are still serving in the gov't. JP Enrile, who was the architect of Martial Law and professor of Kleptomaniac 656 is one good example..No need to add more!!

Where the hell did you get this graph do you have any evidence or such documents and legal papers showing that this graph of yours is not a from any propaganda or etc? Anyway to be honest even im not born that era i believe that a such monopoly is rising that time, and to make it short i dont believe this teory , graph or whatever it is until you show us your legit documents and etc.,

Sir George, Alam mo bah, pag opposition ka dati ni Marcos tinawag kang Communist. Sa totoo lang mismo si marcos nag gawa nang sariling NPA, at kon sino ang military against, yon ang itapon nya sa lugar ng may NPA, pero ang may utak na nagawa mismo si marcos, to depend against loyal protection program niya. At sa ka pangalawa, yon abuse kai Enrile sa Wakwak drama lang yon para makuha ang power at tapos nag declare ng martial si marcos para lahat ng bansa ma hawakan niya ang power. Lahat ng negosyo monopolado ni marcos at ang crowni ni marcos ang naka pakitabang.. Marcos grab all the power from 6977 to 6985

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