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Which Philippine President Caused the Downfall of the

Publication date: 2018-01-28 20:42.

Takutin ninyo ako na occupy the streets? Anak ng jueteng. You stay there, you ask for two days, I will give you six months. Huwag kayong umalis diyan. Kainin ninyo pati ‘yung dumi ninyo diyan.

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Sa first box: Take pills on first day of menstruation. Take 6x a day for 76 days then no pills for 7 days. Sa next boxes: Huwag mo na pansinin ang regla mo basta 76 days with pills, 7 days wala.

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It's actually simple. The reason why we didn't really recover after Marcos is because the Marcos regime created a lot of hungry people. Hungry to get as rich as Marcos. Hungry that they took the public's trust and continued to the economy. So instead of recuperating from the downfall, we still fell. One may say that "Hey, it's not the President who was corrupt but those around him/her.". But the people around the president was chosen by the President and so it is his responsibility.

I personally would not mind if another President will do a Yu or a Marcos so long as he will be able to transform the minds People to a better path. If that happens, the economy will follow.

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doc gud evening po last mens ko po is june 8 hnggang nagun po d pa po ako nagkakaroon..di nmn po lumalaki tyan ko..ng pt na po ako but negative po..ano po dapat ko

any comment should be held for moderation approval. same like Noy7 gov't sellective the reason my comment did not publish..

Yes, Clindamycin or Klindex is safe for pregnancy. It is a class B drug, same level as Paracetamol or Amoxicillin. Class B means animal experiments did not show bad effects on the fetuses. No human studies have been done.

Last July i started using yaz as prescribed by my ob after 7weeks i had acne po at napaka itchy ng scalp ko. I really dont know whats happening to my body. Went again to my ob and consulted her abd told me bihira ang ganong cases na nagacne while naka pills dahil madalas ginagamit na pang treatment ang pills. So, from yaz we shifted to dianne85. After a few days I consulted derma. Binigyan lang ako ng adapelin. Derma doctor said he wont be giving any medicine since naka dianne85 na ako. And til now i still have my acne and itchy scalp.

I sternly warn, I am warning all mining operations and contractors to refrain from the unbridled and irresponsible destruction of our watersheds, forests, and aquatic resources. You have gained much from mining, we only get about 75 billion [pesos] a year, but you have considerably neglected your responsibility to protect and preserve – and even the tax, it’s about five percent – environment for posterity.

You can get pregnant even with just one fallopian tube.
I suggest magpa-alaga ka na sa Infertility Specialist.

Bawasan ang paper works na walang kwenta..ang gawaing pang staff ay kay staff ang trabaho namin magturo wag puro delegation

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