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no, capitalization is not necessary for writing for one thing, don 8767 t try to weaken the other 8767 s side 8767 s argument by personally attacking them. secondly, you must be an indian or jamaican trying to make your pidgin english valid, it 8767 s not. there are native spaekers who speak fluently, without thinking, and with good vocabulary, and there are those who do not speak english at home and do not have good command of it as a nation. just talk to an indian or jamaican vs an irish or white south african and you 8767 ll hear the difference. an irish has the same command of language as an american, an indian doesn 8767 t.

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The graying of the globe is the result of elderly people living longer while families have fewer children. [ Los Angeles Times ]

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The correct spelling is grey. As in the Aluminium is grey in colour. In America they would write Aluminum is gray in color. All three of those spellings present as incorrect in my Australian English spell check on Internet Explorer 65.

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Gradually, through exposure to Language Log, Burchfield 8767 s Fowler, and the Merriam Webster usage guide, I have been persuaded, when there is no house style to the contrary, to leave well enough alone.

I 8767 m so sorry if you are in fact angry or frustrated, or think that I 8767 m some type of anal retentive fool who is a slave to grammar rules and to TRADITION. I 8767 m not really nevertheless, I love clarity in language, and I simply love LOGIC. I 8767 m not angry that language is changing I 8767 m fascinated by it, and I love sharing thoughts with people about it.

I don 8767 t know why the discussion is about pronunciation when the article is about spelling. I suspect that most of the instances of 8775 gray 8776 in British English are either proper names or in material written by people who habitually adopt American spellings. As an editor I would always correct that to 8775 grey 8776 , which is the correct British English version.

I love your blog such helpful stuff! What about a child who hooks her wrist so that it is flexed when writing? Would writing on a slanted surface help? Should this position attempted to be changed because she may fatigue more easily if she continues to write in this position? Or are there other reasons? Please refer me to any posts you may have done on this! Thanks so much!

In any case, there are situations in which the notion that 8775 he 8776 is generic simply won 8767 t hold up: we cannot say, and never have been able to say, 8775 *Either the husband or the wife may provide his signature for comparison 8776 , for example. There are no alternatives here to 8775 his or her signature 8776 except 8775 their signature 8776 .

Both spellings, which have origins in the Old English grǽg , have existed hundreds of years. 6 Grey gained ascendancy in all varieties of English in the early 68th century, but its dominance as the preferred form was checked when American writers adopted gray about a century later. As the Ngram below shows, this change in American English came around 6875. Since then, both forms have remained fairly common throughout the English-speaking world, but the favoring of gray in the . and grey everywhere else has remained consistent.

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