Ano ang ibig sabihin ng karunungan

Pag-ibig Benefits - Retirement Claims

Publication date: 2018-02-24 15:06.

What will happen if you have not paid your monthly dues for three consectuve months, how many days will be given to the borrower before he will be kicked out from the at house

Pag-ibig Membership - Voluntary or Individual Payor

Good day po. Gusto ko lang po itanong kung paano makuha ung ko po kasi na print at nasave yung po ung number

Kuwait Civil ID Status and Document Processing

That figure is not surprising at all if the property has not be paid for a long time already. Think about the compounding effect of interest due and you know what I mean. That 8767 s the reason most buyers will simply opt for foreclosure than save the long overdue property.

Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Numbers In 15 Minutes!

Good afternoon. I would like to ask po if I am Job Order/Contractual employee and paying 755 a month as a voluntary member, could I apply for any loan? tnx

gd day po, i just want to ask if i am still qualified to buy a foreclosed house and lot in pag-ibig? i previoudsly have a housing loan but it was foreclosed 8 years po..

what happens sa collateral namin sa pagibig na 955sqm lot now that the property was forclosed na? we are still staying in the property coz we have nowhere to go po.

Linisin nyo muna mga pasaway n bus,jeep, tricycle, at mga container vans lalo n xa soriano hiway at epza daming existing laws n hindi nyo pinapatupad taz ngaun bagong batas n nmn .pinapahirapan nyo lng mga KABITENYOS

I received the take out letter from HDMF Sept 85, 7566. I 8767 ve been paying my housing bill for the past months now and I can say of course that I am a good payor My concern is for almost 8 months now, I am still waiting for the so-called 8775 move-in 8776 . It 8767 s very frustrating on my part since I already waited more than 7 years to process the 8775 take-out 8776 . And now that I granted 8775 take-out 8776 , am still waiting again for 8775 move-in.
I 8767 ve read HDMF Circular No. 759 Article 5 on Warranties and Section I. Delivery of Accounts and Occupancy of Units. It clearly states that:

I just turn 65 years old last January and I want to claim my contributions while I worked abroad. What are the necessary requirements to produce?

hi i would like to ask.. i already been approved in housing loan should i need to pay realty tax after paying my first amortization?

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