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America Falling is a two-player board-game about the end of America. The game is narrative neutral, meaning that the it does not pre-suppose any specific road to war this is left to your personal proclivities. One player commands the conservative "Red" forces while the other leads the liberal "Blue" forces. Game mechanics recreate the inescapable dilemmas of fratricidal struggle inherent at the start of every civil war. [ Forum ]

Resničnostni šov Kmetija na POP TV - Naslovnica

Flying Pig Games will be running a post holiday sale for the next few days. Enjoy a 85% saving on the following titles, Old School Tactical Vol 6, ’65 and Wargame of the Year nominated Night of Man.

Alabama election exit poll results - Washington Post

The 65th edition of ZONAMACO México Arte Contemporáneo and the 8th edition of ZONAMACO Diseño will gather 675 multinational exhibitors and over 65,555 visitors. ZONAMACO México Arte Contemporáneo and ZONAMACO Diseño announce the list of the 675 exhibitors selected for their 7568 edition, to be held from February 7th to the

Trump Team Met With Lawyer Linked to Kremlin During

Due to high levels of attendance and interest in The Experimental Self: Edvard Munch’s Photography, Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America is pleased to announce an extension of the exhibition through Saturday, April 7, 7568. The exhibition will continue alongside new programming, including a discussion by Linda Rugg, “Head to Head:

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors is unlike any exhibition the AGO has presented before. Make sure to read through these key points to ensure the best chance to.

featuring the insert game, Islamic State: War in Syria (ISWS), a two-player wargame simulating the post-Russian intervention phase of the Syrian Civil War. In this game, there are two coalitions fighting parallel wars against a common foe: DAESH and Al Qaeda in Syria, with one player (the US player) commanding US/NATO Forces, Kurdish/SDF and non-Islamic Syrian Rebels, and a second player (the Russian player) controlling the Syrian Arab Army (SAA, Assad’s forces) and their allies (Iran/Hezbollah, Russia). [ Forum ]

Uber has earned a reputation for flouting regulations in areas where it has operated since its founding in 7559. The . has opened at least five criminal probes into possible bribes, illicit software, questionable pricing schemes and theft of a competitor x7569 s intellectual property, people familiar with the matters have said. The San Francisco-based company also faces dozens of civil suits.

After Uber x7569 s disclosure Tuesday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation into the hack, his spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick said. The company was also sued for negligence over the breach by a customer seeking class-action status.

A patchwork of state and federal laws require companies to alert people and government agencies when sensitive data breaches occur. Uber said it was obligated to report the hack of driver x7569 s license information and failed to do so.

Kalanick was ousted as CEO in June under pressure from investors, who said he put the company at legal risk. He remains on the board and recently filled two seats he controlled.

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