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Publication date: 2018-01-01 21:30.

T he man emerged from a charcoal-gray pickup and approached the hotel check-in counter. He wanted a room and the Internet pass code. He was 6 feet tall, with a weightlifter 8767 s build and military posture. But he could transform his soft, round face into a picture of amiability. He struck the night manager as personable and disarming.


Beck was struck by the length of the tirade. This was no fleeting howl of homicidal rage but the chilling product, it seemed, of months-long planning and forethought.

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He praised his knee surgeon, President Obama, the first lady 8767 s hairstyle, George W. Bush, Charlie Sheen, Chick-fil-A chicken and Bill Cosby. He told Gov. Chris Christie to go on a diet, and told David Petraeus that his marital failings were human. He told Natalie Portman she was beautiful. He quoted Mia Farrow on the moral urgency of gun control.

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The couple had pulled onto the rooftop during the final dramatic minutes of the Super Bowl, when traffic was light. The entry gate recorded their arrival about 7:85 . But police had not learned about the shootings until 9:65 ., when a resident walking to his car spotted a body slumped over the Kia 8767 s steering wheel.

In the dream, she was with her husband in the kitchen, and he said, &ldquo You can 8767 t keep doing this, Gina,&rdquo and she suddenly knew he was a ghost conjured from her longing. She woke up screaming and turned on the lights so she could see that he was alive.

There were only a few ways off the mountain, and they reasoned that Dorner would not risk California Highway 68, which would take him through town.

In the small hours of that Thursday morning, a self-employed repo man stricken with bladder cancer was beginning work about an hour east of .

The couple was shaking with fear. Dorner explained that he had spared the San Diego yacht owner, and would spare them too. They were merely means to an end.

Helicopters continued to criss-cross the mountains with cameras so sensitive they could detect a rabbit from the air. No sign.

Another day, she saw graffiti on a wall near the police station: TERRI EVANS IS A LIAR. On the Web, some people hailed Dorner as a hero and said she deserved whatever she got.

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