Mga dapat kainin ng may anemia


Publication date: 2018-01-02 07:06.

It is safe to drink metformin and folic acid tuloy tuloy for 6 months while trying to get pregnant.
Kung hindi pa rin, visit your doctor again for a repeat ultrasound.

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.. 8 months lang ako nag take ng diane pills. tas yung metformin 6year daw ako mag take nun. nagte-take din pala ako ng terraferron.

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Hi doc..ask ko lng po f khit po dlga ngkakavginal discharge po kc pamangkin ko 68 years old p lng sobra dmi nya mgdischarge tntgosn s short at ang sama po ng amoy..maari po n my nkbody contct n un pmangkin ko kya my discharge..pnggmit ko n lng xa ng pantyliner n anion then umiinom po xa ng methronidazole..pro gnon p dn po.

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5 months na pong tapos sa 6months na gamotan ang baby ko..76 months na po xa ngaun….kaya lng po may kulani parin po xa sa bandang leed..di parin po nawawal ung dalwang kulani nya naging clue kung bakit may PC xa nun: ( sabi ng pedia mawawala rin daw po un after 7 years..worried lng po kasi ako bka hndi nawala ang PC nya dahil may kulani pa rinxa: ( (

during our visit, she did the normal vaginal check-up then scheduled me for TVU, it was supposedly scheduled yesterday pero sinadya ko pong di pumunta. After the routine check-up, i also asked the OB kung di ba niya i-te-test yung husband ko. sabi niya wag na muna too early pa raw, so di ko na po nasabi yung concerns ko.

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