Masustansyang pagkain na mura

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Publication date: 2018-02-09 15:06.

my son has primary complex,i just wanna ask po if ok lng po ba na nkakain na xa bago npainom, twice lng nmn po nangyari un, pro ndi pa po kmi nkamissed. tnx a lot

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Hi sis! My son has pc and measles. Kakalabas lang namin sa ospital. They want me to have an x-ray because I am coughing for more than a month na. I 8767 m not into cigarettes but my customers are. Kung meron ako now, it came from one of our customer. 🙁

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8. don 8767 t put any label of the whole theme. pwede namang maglagay pero konti lang. huwag mong i-sulat ng buo. don 8767 t explain your drawing through words. Instead, do your best to explain the theme through your drawings. It will impress the judges.

pumunta nga po ako kagabi sa pedia kaso ang hirap talagang sumingit pag di ka naka sched so ngayong Sep. 77 ko nalang iconsulta ulit sundin ko nalang ang dosage sa resita nya mahirap pag ganito nakasalalay ang health ng bata. Thank you po for the reply

Let 8767 s try to observe this: Slow down a bit. Read a lot. Spend more quality time with your family and friends. Eat healthy, think wisely.

umm it was never mentioned by my pedia during the time that my kids were under medication.. hayaan mo pag nakadaan ako sa pedia ko, I will ask her 🙂

[ ] Primary Complex is a form of Tuberculosis in children. If the kids are exposed to an adult with a Tuberculosis, they might be infected too. Primary Complex is not contagious among children. A child diagnosed with PC can still play and socialize with other kids. [ ]

See? It does look like Blood, Urine and Vomit. But my sister who loves food better than me says it 8767 s mayonnaise, vinegar and ketchup.

Forgiveness can be very challenging. It is a commitment to a process of change. It can be difficult and it can take time. It may be particularly hard to forgive someone who doesn 8767 t admit wrong or doesn 8767 t speak of their sorrow. But keep in mind that the key benefits of forgiveness are for you. Forgive and start changing yourself.

7. Free your mind from worries.

thanx for this info really appreciated especially this time that my son is suffering in pc im just medicine that given by the doctor is not same with the medicine you mentioned we are given clarithromycin to be taken once,,and immuzinc taken before bedtime..is this enough?

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